X`Types of Shoes That Every Man Must Own

X`Types of Shoes That Every Man Must Own

As a man, you must own a set of shoes for different occasions. You cannot just stick to one pair of shoes at a time. This is because you will need to replace your shoes more frequently. Another reason is that not every shoe can be worn for every type of outfit that you wear. If you have size 14 mens shoes, you must have size 14 of every type of shoe listed below. Here are the shoes that you should own this year.

Types of Shoe Styles That You Should Have


One of the staple shoes that every man must own is a pair of sneakers. If you will talk to men, they will probably own two or more sneakers in their collection. For sneakerheads, they will have a wall full of branded and designer shoes that they wear every day.

For your size 14 mens shoes, you can definitely get a bargain because the shoes of your size do not necessarily come by usually. You can just go to online stores and look for your size of shoes and you will get good deals and discounts.

As a guide, you must have, at least, one white pair of sneakers, one black pair of sneakers, and a colored one. You should also have trainer shoes when you work out and running shoes when you jog or run.


If you want to have a totally different look from your usual sneakers, you need to get a pair of black or brown boots in your collection. Boots are great for formal and casual events. You can wear your boots with a pair of jeans and a shirt. If you have formal occasions, you can also utilize your boots to adapt to your outfit.

A version of boots that you may get is the Chelsea boots. It is a nice style that fits both your corporate and your casual look. You can even partner these with dress shirts and suits for a more modern style.


If you want casual, nothing speaks this look more than loafers. They are slip-on shoes that adults might wear when they just want to hang around. You can find loafers that can still elevate your style. There are versions that make you look stylish and luxurious in your simple outfit.

Some choices for your loafers include the horse-bit loafer, penny loafer, hazel loafer, tassel loafer, and boat loafers. They are everyday shoes that you can get for yourself this season.



For those who want to have a more classic look, you should get Oxford shoes on your list of footwear to buy this year. These shoes can be in black, brown, gray, and even white. Classic Oxford shoes look best in a brown hue.

Oxfords have low heels and a closed-lacing style. This may be the look that your grandfather had before and this type of shoe will never go away. You can use these shoes for casual and formal events. Your office attire will also look better when partnered with Oxfords.


Men shop for different kinds of shoes. They attend different events that require them to wear various types of shoes. Whether you own size 14 mens shoes or a size 8, you should have a selection of shoes available whenever you are needed to wear a pair. Your sneakers, trainers, boots, and loafers must always be in your shoe rack and ready to be picked up and worn. You can also acquire two or more colors of the same type to complement your outfit.


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