Triumph of cryptocurrencies in online casinos

cryptocurrencies in online

What began as a bet for a few has ended up being used in all kinds of businesses, including gambling in online sites like betflix

In the last century we have built a highly technological society. In such a big and vast world, we have made many of the most important areas of our lives, such as the economy, education, health and entertainment, interconnected with a device that fits in our pocket. And the best thing is that everything is possible without leaving home.

It seems that there is no longer a question that does not have an answer or that cannot be googled. In these twenty-two years of the new millennium, the push of technologies has been such that many of the things we do are unthinkable without the Internet, that is what the fourth industrial revolution is all about. One of those areas subject to change has been the economic world.

To think that a few centuries ago we were paid with grams of salt and, now, we are changing the paper currency for virtual money that exists in the world of the internet, and it goes from being a rumor in forums to becoming a reality. The first revolution has occurred with cryptocurrencies, an invention that has made all legislators think. As time goes by, they seem to be used more and more and with an upward projection for making investments. You can even find Bitcoin casinos where you can test your luck. Find out what this is about!

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that employs cryptographic encryption to guarantee ownership and transaction integrity, as well as control the creation of additional units. In this way, it prevents them from being counterfeited. They are not regulated by any entity or institution and their value is set by reputation.

That is to say, its users, by investing, making purchases and reselling, are ratifying them and granting them a value within the foreign exchange market. Currently, there are many categories of cryptocurrencies that exist, the most popular has been the so-called Bitcoin, which you have surely heard of.

Pioneer of the cryptocurrency revolution

Bitcoin is known as the first virtual currency in the world. It was launched in the year 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto published in the Bitcoin White Paper. At first, a Bitcoin cost less than a dollar, but over time it cost 20,000, specifically in December 2017. It was the first cryptocurrency created and that transferred the proposal of decentralized and free money to the real world. There is a curious anecdote about the most expensive pizza in the world. When this cryptocurrency was not very valuable, one of its first users, Mr. Laszlo Hanyecz, exchanged 10,000 bitcoins for a couple of pizzas. This was the first bitcoin transaction in the world. But who could imagine that, a few years later, his sale would be a million-dollar business?


Bitcoin Casinos

Now, what relationship does Bitcoin have with the world of casinos and online gambling? Believe it or not, this type of business, one of the oldest and most solid that exists, has joined the furor of cryptocurrencies. The key to this business model, however, is that it is taking advantage of the heyday of virtual currency to attract more and more players. Its operation is very simple and is based on the fact that it allows you to fund accounts with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The winnings are similar to traditional casinos and up to 35 times higher in roulette.

At crypto-based casinos they have carried out an online search for the best web casinos to bet with. You can launch a bet, having only a PC, mobile or tablet at your disposal. These casinos have been evaluated and are considered to have low commissions to make payments. In addition, the suggested casinos offer free spins as a welcome protocol and all have been tested for their degree of transaction security. They have gaming licenses that empower them for the operation.


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