Learn to Write Your Name in Korean Alphabet

Write Your Name in Korean Alphabet

Are you interested in discovering how to write your name in Korean? Maybe you want to create a nice impression on your Korean friends or colleagues. Or regardless of whether you simply like to explore something new.

Whatever your reason, learning how to write your name in Korean is a great place to start. In this guide, we will cover different ways to write your name in Korean alphabet, so let us get started.

Direct Translation

The simplest way to write own name in Korean is by translating it word for word. To do direct translation, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by identifying the name you want to translate into Korean.
  2. Find out the pronunciation of the name in English.
  3. Use a Korean alphabet chart to match each English sound to its corresponding Korean letter.
  4. Write out the name using Korean letters.
  5. Double-check the spelling and pronunciation to ensure accuracy.

For example, the name “John” in Korean would be written as “존” (pronounced “Jon”). However, it may not always be precise as some sounds or letters do not exist in the Korean script. As such, if your name is Emily, it can be roughly translated as “에밀리” in Korean, while Peter as “피터.”


The process of writing a name or word using the characters of another language. In the case of Korean, transliteration is used when someone wants to write their English names using Korean characters.

Below are some steps to transliterate your English name into Korean:

  1. Learn Korean consonants. The Korean language has 14 basic consonants, each with its sound. Remember these sounds to be able to transliterate your name correctly.
  2. Break down your name into syllables. Most English names can be broken down into two or three syllables. Thus, making them easier to transliterate into Korean characters.
  3. Find your wanted phonetic sounds. When you know the sounds of the Korean consonants and the syllables of your name, you can start to match them up. Try to find the closest Korean sound for each syllable of your name.
  4. Transliterate your name. Once you have matched up the sounds, you can start to write your name using Korean characters. One way to write it is by using Hangul, the Korean writing system.

Using Chinese Characters

Did you know that Korean and Chinese share a special connection deeply rooted in their histories? As such, Korea imported Chinese characters for their writing system, which they called Hanja. Nowadays, Hanja is less used but still influences Korean words.

Using Chinese characters in Korean writing can add a unique touch to your name or text. If you want to use Hanja, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Research the Hanja characters. Look up the characters that correspond to the sounds in your name.
  2. Determine the pronunciation. Once you have found the corresponding Hanja characters, determine the pronunciation in Korean. This may require some further research, but there are plenty of resources online to help.
  3. Write in Hangul. Using your determined pronunciation, write your name to a Korean character.
  4. Add the Hanja characters. Add the Hanja characters above or below your Hangul name. This way, you can add a unique visual flair to your name.

Use a Korean Name Generator

A Korean name generator is an online tool that provides a way to get a Korean name that fits your personality.

To use the Korean name generator, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Open your browser and search for ‘Korean name generator.’
  2. Choose a reputable website for a name generator.
  3. Select your gender and enter your name in English.
  4. Click the ‘generate’ button.
  5. You can then customize your Korean name to your liking. You can also select another name from the suggestions.

These Korean names typically have three syllables. The first syllable usually indicates the family name. Meanwhile, the third or second syllable may reflect the time and circumstances of birth or personal qualities.

Choose a Name in Korean That Sounds Similar to Your Name

Instead of translating your name, you can choose a Korean name that sounds like yours. To help you pick a name, below are some tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Hangul or Korean alphabet. You don’t need to be a Korean fluent speaker, but knowing the basics will help you choose a name.
  • Research popular Korean names. Many websites and online resources can help you find Korean names and their meanings.
  • Listen to Hangul pronunciation. As you research, pay attention to the first sound of the names you like. Using it as a guide, find a Korean name with a similar sound. Suppose your name is Emily. Then, you could choose the Korean name ‘Eunmi.’


Some popular Korean names that sound like English names are:

  • Chloe: 클로이 (Klo-i)
  • Austin: 오스틴 (O-seu-tin)
  • Emily: 에밀리 (E-mi-li)
  • Brandon: 브랜던 (Beu-raen-den)
  • Megan: 메건 (Me-geon)

In conclusion, there are numerous ways to write your name in Korean. But whatever method you choose, remember to have fun with it. After all, adopting a new name can be exciting and give you a fresh start.

So, try the method that resonates with you and pick a beautiful Korean name you will love. Likewise, choosing a Korean name can be fun and help you connect with locals if you plan to visit South Korea.


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