Common Misconceptions About Online Slot Games

Misconceptions About Online Slot Games

Slot games are the most straightforward games in an online casino. You don’t need a special skill or in-depth knowledge about the game to play it. But despite how easy slots are, many are still avoiding them due to various misconceptions they hear from other people.

Even though many people enjoy this fast-paced and straightforward game, some are still unconvinced about it. If you haven’t played online slots yet, you are missing a huge deal, as slots can provide a massive payout if you hit the jackpot.

So, you better disregard these following misconceptions about online slot games and start experiencing this fantastic game a virtual casino has to offer.

Slots Are Rigged

It is not a secret that slots are based on luck. That’s why many believe that online casinos rig their slots to favor the platform. You shouldn’t believe this misconception. As long as you choose to play online slot games from a reputable and legitimate online casino, you can be assured that you’re protected from any game fixing.

Slots in a legitimate online casino undergo a fairness test before it is launched for the public to enjoy. First, online slots are verified by testing them with a computer algorithm that will calculate the result for every turn of the slot according to chance.

The testers will then compare the result they gathered from online slots with the result they acquired by playing on a land-based slot machine. Next is to conduct offline testing of the slot game. The offline testing helps provide the most up-to-date information regarding the game to increase fairness.

After the offline testing is done, the pre-launch testing comes next. It is the last test a slot game will go through being offered in an online casino. The pre-launch test is a rigorous process to ensure the game’s fairness.

Finally, random slot testing is the last stage of verification. It is where the testers play the game online continuously without a break until they reach the limit on the money they spend.

You Can’t Have Consecutive Jackpots

Due to the algorithm used on online slots, there is no specific outcome that one can predict. You can’t say that consecutive jackpots don’t happen in online slots because this is wrong.

You may get consecutive jackpots because the RNG or Random Number Generators are designed to give players a 30% chance of hitting the jackpot, and this doesn’t decrease in every round.

Some players already have hit jackpots in a single slot game. So, you shouldn’t fear playing a slot game that has recently paid out a jackpot because the chance you will also hit the jackpot is still the same with a game that hasn’t paid out a jackpot.

Play your favorite online slot game, and don’t let this misconception get in between your favorite slot game and your enjoyment.

There Are Hot And Cold Streaks in Slots

The term “hot” and “cold” slots were invented by players who noticed a pattern in specific slots. For example, a slot game is considered cold if it is not paying out and hot if it is. Because of this misconception, once players decide that a slot game they’re playing is cold, they jump into another game instantly.

What they don’t know is that online and land-based slots are generated by RNGs, meaning every slot spin is random. The hot and cold streaks are only a noticeable series of bad and good luck, and it has nothing to do with whether a slot can give you a win. Therefore, hot and cold streaks are not true. It is just a coincidence, and you shouldn’t let this impair your judgment when picking out an online slot game.

The Chances of Winning In An Autoplay Are Low

Autoplay is one of the interesting features of a slot game. Online casinos are not the only ones equipped with this feature; you can also set a land-based slot machine into autoplay. This feature does exactly as the name suggests, play the slot game automatically.

Once you set the autoplay function, you let the machine run on itself, continuously spinning after every turn. It also places a bet on your behalf. But as amazing as the autoplay may sound, many believe that you have a lesser chance of winning in autoplay than actually playing the game yourself.

RNG is still the determining factor of the outcome of every spin, even if it is set to autoplay. Therefore, your chances of winning on autoplay are similar to your chances of winning if you play manually.

Moreover, autoplay offers some advantages for you. By using this feature, you can ensure that you are making consistent wagers in every round. It is just similar to hitting the spin button manually each round.


Bottom Line

You will encounter numerous misconceptions about online slot games as you go deeper into the world of online casinos. Although misconceptions are normal, you should research and investigate before you believe them. Believing every myth you hear will only hinder you from making the most of your online casino experience.


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