Add Photos On PDF

Add Photos On PDF

Adding photos on PDF just got better with iTop PDF. Do you know that you can add images to a PDF file? Only a few people are aware of this. Several online tools can enable you to add photos to PDF without stress.

While you can use any of the many tools available online, iTop’s PDF editing tool has features that make it better than the other options. This post will reel out some of the features that put iTop ahead of the others in the marketplace.

It Can Be Used By Anyone

iTop’s PDF editor has been designed with the best user experience to ensure anyone can use it. That way, you only need a few clicks to add any picture or image to a PDF file.

The software’s layout is planned so you do not have to look for any item. The features can be on the dashboard or will take a few clicks to get to where they are. It is also essential to mention that this unique PDF editing tool allows you to add virtually any type of image.

Involves Zero Charges

No money is needed before you can use iTop’s PDF. Whether you need the tool to compress PDF, add image, edit texts, or do any related task, you can do it without any money. Even if you wish to create PDF fillable forms, it is also free.

Download and install iTop’s PDF editing tool for no extra cost. Alternatively, you can access all their editing tools via their online platform too. So, get all the basic and advanced features for free if you don’t have enough money to pay for PDF editing tools that only exist in premium versions. Everything you can find in any good PDF editing software can be seen in the free version of iTop’s PDF editing tool.

No Technical Knowledge Required

iTop PDF is super easy to use. This factor has made it more popular among its users today. You just need to do some simple clicks to add images. Or drag and drop the image directly on the portion of the PDF file. It depends on the tool you are using.

Just know that if you are using iTop’s PDF editing software, you don’t have to write any HTML codes. You can see the image on the PDF page when you add it. No exceptional rendering is required to see the image on the file.


Wrapping Up

Adding photos directly on PDF files was almost impossible many decades ago. But all of that has changed today. You can do nearly anything on a PDF file as long as you can use a reputable PDF editor. Also, you can start using iTop PDF today because it does not require paying any money before using it. Recall that this tool can also be used to create PDF fillable forms. Make iTop’s PDF editing tool part of your business processes today. The benefits of using this tool are numerous. Only a trial shall convince you.


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